The work in this section, while diverse in material, strongly references 'place' as a motivation for making. By 'place' we mean the physical identity of Manchester Craft and Design Centre's building and the people and happenings within it. The Centre's home, in a former Victorian fish market, is a large part of its identity and has inspired some of the creativity that takes place here. The energy and sense of community witnessed within the Centre is also represented in the work displayed here.


Over the last thirty years, the Northern Quarter has transformed from a market district into a creative hub for Manchester. The Centre has been a central landmark for this transformation as it is the only market building still in public use in the area and is a key hub for creativty. The work in this section reflects on the past, present and futures and tips a hat to important people along the way.


The works in this section reflect on memory and the traces that it leaves behind. The recent 'Collecting History' project, led by artist Lucy Harvey, provided an opportunity for us to discover, collect, and create memories that contributed to a better understanding of our Centre and its long and intricate history.